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Customer Feedback

“David and I truly appreciate all of the hard work and expertise that you and each of your craftsmen invested in our little project. The building is lovely-it looks like nothing has been repaired….We enjoyed working with each of the men. They were professional, conscientious, and personable! It made the entire project so much more enjoyable. To conduct business in such an honorable and straightforward manner was a pleasure. ”
—Historic Ado Hunnius House, Leavenworth , Kansas

“….The ugly gaping cracks in our brick-work are gone and our home is beautiful once more. We were very impressed with how efficient and professional your men were in their work. Regardless of what the problems were they had the right answers. They treated our house with as much care as if it were their own. ”
MBR, Woods Cross, Utah

“Not only was the quality of your work top-notch, but also we were very impressed at the way the job site was cleaned up at the end of each workday. We also appreciated the attention to detail, from the excellent matching of the mortar color, to the final cleaning of the white stains off the brick all the way around the house (even in areas that didn’t need repair!) The house looks great. ”
KM, Park City , Utah

“I just wanted to drop you a sincere note of appreciation for the fine work you did for us. When I saw what our contractor had done to “repair” the cracks in our bricks, I wanted to cry it was so incredibly awful! The entire appearance of the house was destroyed. And then when the front porch pillar buckled from the construction, I didn’t know what we were going to do. You saved us! The pillar was beautifully reconstructed, the mortar patched, repaired and cleaned and restored the appearance of our house. Your staff was on time, efficient, did a great job, and meticulously cleaned up after themselves. Your prices were reasonable, and it was worth every penny. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”
BBB and JG, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Two of our clients, MW and KB, approached me and told me what outstanding work you did for them and what a thorough and conscience contractor you are. They thanked me for referring you to work on their houses. Let me thank you, also, for your thoughtful and reliable work as a contractor. I frequently have to give out contractor’s names along with a litany of disclaimers. However, I’ve felt I could refer building owners to you with a high degree of confidence; positive feedback from discriminating homeowners like K and M only confirm my feelings. Thanks again ”
Salt Lake City , Utah

“This may be the first letter of recommendation you receive from a non-customer. Let me explain; I received a quote from you to remove the paint from my brick home in the Avenues. Despite my impression that Abstract was more professional and honest with me than Brand X, I shoes Brand X for the sake of a few hundred dollars. Six months later, after dozens of broken promises, scheduling delays and damage to my home, the paint has been removed. Brand X kept my deposit for 4 months without touching the home, and proceeded to drag out what was supposed to be a one week project six weeks. Furthermore, they exhibited a lack of concern regarding damage to my home. On numerous occasions I arrived home to find water on my hardwood floors and even had to replace a section of my front porch as a result of damage caused by the careless contractor. To make matters worse, the contractor left lead-based paint contaminated materials at my residence after the project and despite numerous calls has not retrieved them. In short, the few hundred dollars I tried to save was clearly not worth the damage to my home, nor the agony I experienced in getting this project completed. If you ever need someone to preach penny-wise, pound-foolish on your behalf, I may be reached at_________. ”
MS, Salt Lake City , Utah

“When we first thought about having the paint stripped from this old place (remember, it was built in 1898, and suffered an unknown number of painting humiliations not just to the brick, but to the large red butte sandstone foundation, too), we were in new territory. Our questions ranged from “does this stripping process really work?” to “…even if it does work, how much damage to the building and lawn will we need to expect?” Well, our fears were for nothing. The crew was competent and sensitive to our tenants, responsive to our questions, and simply did a wonderful job. ”
DF, Salt Lake City, Utah

Notes from former students:

“I have had the opportunity to attend similar classes, but I found John’s to be the most beneficial in providing the type of instructional support our apprenticeship program.has been searching for…..John has an exceptional ability to explain the processes and techniques in an approach that is easy to understand. ”
Student of John’s Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Course

“We at the Traditional Building Skills Institute want to thank you for conducting the three day masonry workshop in Spring City . You did an excellent job! Your presentation style and the information you gave made the workshop the very best. ”
Director Traditional Building Skills Institute, Snow College

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