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Above: Although we are capabable of providing contracting service, we are happy to provide consultation via phone, e-mail, or on site.


What mortar recipe should I use?

Please recommend the best product for…..

How is the best way to …..?

How do I know what really needs to be repaired on my historic masonry building?

I need to develop a budget. How much will it likely cost me to repair…….?

These are all questions we get asked every day from our customers and potential customers all across North America.

If you have questions, or need expert advice on a particular aspect of your historic masonry restoration project, John Lambert, the Founder / President of Abstract Masonry Restoration is available to consult with you. To review John’s credentials, see our about us page.


  Contact us about your consultation needs    

Listed below are some of the most common ways he can help. These options may be more cost effective than you may think.

Advice over the phone of via e-mail

With this option, digital photographs are typically emailed to John so he can visually relate to your project challenges and see them in context. A picture is worth a thousand words, and many pictures are worth even more. He then answers your questions and advises you over the phone and/or via email. Masonry materials (pieces of stone, brick mortar etc.) are usually shipped to him so he can see them, feel them and observe their physical properties. This gives him the knowledge necessary to competently recommend the most appropriate course of action.

On site, in person advice

Under certain circumstances, there is no substitute for John being on site in order to observe things that are beyond the capabilities of photography. Under these circumstances, he comes to your site and advises you. While there, he can evaluate the overall masonry (conditions assessment) on your structure and advise you regarding what needs to be done, and how it ought to be done. If needed, John can also extract the original masonry materials he may need in order to recommend an appropriate mortar recipe, or other repairs etc.

On site working advisor

You may already be working with a local architect or contractor who you feel comfortable with. If you want them to have the additional perspective and experience of a hands-on historic masonry expert, this is the best option for you. John comes to your work site and works along side your local architect and/or contractor for the purpose of training and educating. This ‘team approach’ assures you that your project gets off to the right start from the beginning, by making sure those actually doing the work are, a) using the most appropriate and best materials, b) using the best and most efficient methods and procedures to do the work, and c) informed regarding the quality expectations for the rest of your project.

Writing or reviewing written specifications

Perhaps you need a written plan of action on how the masonry on your project should be restored. This helps in standardizing the materials, methods and quality criteria so those you invite to bid on your project, are all bidding ‘apples to apples’. If you already have prepared basic written specifications, and simply want them fine tuned and reviewed by an experienced historic masonry restoration expert, John will be happy to assist you.
Contact us about your consultation needs
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