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Western US Office
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 505-4977

Eastern US Office
Boston, Massachusetts
(781) 488-3088

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Above: The most important service we offer as contractors are the experienced and conscientious craftsmen that we employ.


Choosing a reputable, competent, conscientious, and proven contractor to handle your masonry restoration project influences the outcome of your building more than anything else. No written specifications, contracts, materials or products can compensate for failure to select the right contractor.



We only do masonry restoration. We do not do new masonry construction. Your project will receive the attention of highly skilled craftsmen who pride themselves in their work.

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Why choose Abstract Masonry Restoration ? What makes Abstract different—and better ?

"There's a distinct difference between repaired masonry and restored masonry. One of them looks original, and endures the test of time.

Anyone can repair masonry. We restore it.”

John Lambert
Founder / President

Experience & Reputation

Abstract has been restoring historic masonry throughout America for 19 consecutive years.  We service our customers in the western United States out of our Salt Lake City, Utah office and those in the eastern United States out of our Boston, Massachusetts office.

Our employees are trained, experienced and conscientious craftsmen who are consistently held to the highest expectations.  We are firmly committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free work place.  We only do masonry restoration.  We do not do new masonry construction.  We feel strongly that if we did, it would cloud our focus, and divert us from our passion for restoring historic masonry.  Our specialty is restoring early American masonry buildings on state or national historic registers.

Abstract is fully licensed, insured and bondable.  We have never left a project unfinished, nor had a single claim against our bid, performance or payment bond. 

For years, Abstract has developed and maintained excellent relationships with the State Historic Preservation Offices (commonly known as SHPO).  They are the branch of state government that oversees the state and federal income tax credits for building owners who restore or rehabilitate historic structures according to high preservation standards.  If historic masonry is not restored according to these standards, the building owner is in jeopardy of losing their tax credits.  We are very familiar with the restoration standards and requirements, and have never performed our work such that tax credits would be jeopardized.  Abstract is listed in contractor referral directories throughout America.

Contact us if you would like to discuss your project with Abstract Masonry Restoration & obtain a competitive bid to perform your work.

Contact us regarding your contracting needs.
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