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Above: An in progress view of masonry being re-colored to match the rest of the building.


It is hard to imagine that the color of brick, stone, block and other masonry can be permanently changed without altering its natural texture or breathability. The color can even be changed without affecting the natural color of the mortar joints! Our process is proven, and very long lasting. The product cannot chip, crack or peel, and does not trap moisture in the masonry. Once completed, your recolored masonry will look just like natural masonry – only the color of your choice.


This example shows a common problem with new masonry not matching the original building.

This window area had been filled with mis-matching masonry.

After the re-coloring process, the original color and character of the building are restored.


Frequently Asked Questions
about Changing the Color of Masonry:

Question: Why might I want to change the color of my masonry?



You may not like the color of your current masonry.


You may have an addition on your building where the new masonry does not match the masonry on the original building.

3. You may have a door, window or other opening in your building that has been filled in with masonry that does not match the contiguous masonry.

Question: How long will it last?

Answer: Dozens of years or more. The products we use are top of the line and of the highest quality. They have a proven track record, and have been used in all environmental conditions around the world with great success for over 100 years. Many jobs completed in the 1800’s are still color fast, show no signs of failure, and look fantastic. Most ordinary paints bond to masonry by way of an adhesive bond. Our products form a permanent mineral bond with the masonry. Because of this, they are fully breathable, cannot crack or peel, and do not trap moisture in the masonry. Ultimately, how long it lasts is influenced by:

the method used to thoroughly clean the masonry prior to applying the product
using the correct product for the given application

the specialized application techniques used

the experience and skill of the craftsmen applying the product

Question: Will changing the color of my masonry make my masonry non-breathable as you explained on your paint stripping page?

Answer: Definitely not. Our products are fully breathable, cannot crack or peel and do not trap moisture in the masonry.

Question: Can the color of my mortar be changed without affecting the brick or stone?

Answer: Yes. The process is basically the same whether you want the color of your mortar, or just your masonry units changed.



Re-coloring masonry is a job for an expert. It is a tedious process which requires an excellent eye and a good deal of experience.

Question: How much does it cost to change the color of my masonry?

Answer: This depends on several factors..

The size of the job. How many total square feet need to be colored?
How many coats (applications) are required. There are several factors that affect the number of coats necessary. The more coats required, the more product and labor costs.

The shape of the mortar joint.

The degree of difficulty experienced in obtaining an acceptable color match.
How accessible is the masonry? Is scaffolding or specialty equipment necessary to fully access all areas of the wall needing to be colored?

Question: Can you show me how my masonry will look before you change the color of all of it, so I can make sure I like it?

Answer: Yes. Contact us for details.

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