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Highly specialized skills and knowledge are desperately needed in the United States in order to respectfully preserve and restore our historic masonry structures. A thorough understanding of historic masonry materials and products is also essential. Without these things, our county’s historic masonry buildings will continue to suffer from ill-advised and inappropriate repair efforts. The past belongs to the future, and only the present can preserve the past. Training is the key.

John Lambert, the Founder and President of Abstract Masonry Restoration (see about us), provides hands-on training to architects, contractors, property managers and building owners. This expert training is available in a variety of ways and places, and on a variety of dates.



A few of John’s students at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies in Mount Carroll , Illinois.



Contact us regarding your training needs.


4 day workshop at The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies in Mount Carroll, Illinois.

Training, lodging, breakfast, snacks and lunch is included for $885.00. Course content includes, but is not limited to:


Evaluating aging masonry structures. Identifying the causes of masonry deterioration, and selecting the appropriate solution for the problem:

2. Proper techniques for cleaning historic masonry;
3. Stripping paint off historic masonry;
4. Proper repointing (mortar repair) procedures;
5. Techniques for repairing cracked masonry;
6. The role of mortar in a historic masonry structure;
7. Basic mortar analysis for identifying the original ingredients in mortar;
8. Techniques for matching the ingredients, color, texture, hardness, and tooling of historic mortar;
9. Students will have the opportunity to participate in: a) the construction of a small lime kiln, b) burning limestone in that kiln, c) slaking the burned lime, d) mixing the resulting lime putty into a mortar, and e) using that mortar for repairing historic masonry on Campbell Center campus buildings.
10. Proper procedures for mixing and using historic lime putty mortars;
11. Proper procedures for mixing and using historic hydraulic lime mortars;
12. If, when, and how to apply penetrating and breathable masonry water repellents;
13. Stone consolidation and patching techniques.

Students are strongly encouraged to bring samples and/or slides illustrating challenges they encounter with historic masonry so that their individual needs can be included in the class discussions and demonstrations.

3 day workshop at The Traditional Building Skills Institute at SnowCollege in Ephraim, Utah.

Training and lunch is included. $375.00 Course content is similar to that taught at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies. (see above)



We offer full, on-site training for your business or location.



Students in one of John’s study abroad groups explore ruins in Europe.


Customized training brought to your
business or location.

If you have a small or large group, this may be the most cost effective way for you. John travels to your location and delivers the training to your group there. The training is tailored and customized to suit your specific needs. You choose the topics you need most, and John delivers the expert instruction. Your group will leave feeling enriched, informed and better equipped to correctly perform their work. Contact us for more information.

Historic Masonry Study Abroad:

A few times a year, John volunteers his time and organizes trips to Europe to train others and learn how historic masonry is restored there. You will have the privilege of helping to repair the masonry on significant buildings, some of which are 200 to 800 years old. This study abroad experience also includes experiencing medieval masonry ruins, castles, cathedrals, abbeys and other world heritage sites! You’ll be surprised at the low cost. If you are interested in learning more about this experience, or want to know the dates for upcoming trips, contact us.

John’s style of training is anything but boring. He openly shares his extensive knowledge and expertise with passion and in a thought provoking way. Having owned and operated his own historic masonry restoration contracting business for 19 years, he speaks from experience. Here is what a few of his past students have said….

“I have had the opportunity to attend similar classes, but I found John’s to be the most beneficial in providing the type of instructional support our apprenticeship program.has been searching for…..John has an exceptional ability to explain the processes and techniques in an approach that is easy to understand. ”
Student of John’s Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Course

“We at the Traditional Building Skills Institute want to thank you for conducting the three day masonry workshop in Spring City . You did an excellent job! Your presentation style and the information you gave made the workshop the very best. ”
Director Traditional Building Skills Institute, Snow College
Contact us regarding your training needs.
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