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Do You Have a Masonry Restoration Project We Can Help With?


Masonry Repair

We provide masonry restoration services that address walls, mortar joints, terra cotta, and more. We use a variety of techniques to heal and restore old buildings to their former glory.

Paint Stripping

Special processes must be done to remove old paint from masonry materials. We provide the appropriate chemical treatment to remove all traces of the old paint job.

Masonry Cleaning

Our cleaning processes help clean masonry walls of a variety of aberrations, including carbon deposits, hard water stains, graffiti, animal waste, and smoke damage, among other things.

Crack Repair

Our team is highly experienced at repairing the cracks in masonry materials, which is important to prevent further structural damage. We can also diagnose the original cause of the crack and patch in an aesthetic way.

Water Repellents

It’s necessary to seal masonry with water repellants to protect it from water damage. We apply repellants designed to not impact the color and breathability of the masonry.

Chimney Repair

For safety, environmental, and aesthetic reasons it is important to maintain your chimney. We can help restore your chimney and prevent future deterioration.


From historic libraries & train stations to contemporary living spaces & health centers, we’ve built a vast amount of work over our decades of experience. Take a look at our portfolio of projects to get an idea of the variety in scope, style, and materials that we’ve worked with.


“My house was built in 1940.  It has a steep concrete staircase facing south, which gets the full extremes of hot and cold.  Naturally, the concrete deteriorated over the years, finally reaching a condition that looked definitely unsafe.  About four years ago Abstract Masonry repaired my steps.  I mean actually repaired the concrete, cutting into the steps to anchor the repair as you see in textbooks.  The repair still looks great.  They took a little longer than planned to do the job, but the results are excellent”


“Worked w/ John & crew over several years, cleaning and repairing historical buildings. He is an expert and ethical specialist you can count on.”


“I felt the customer service was very good. The workers who came out were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. There were other companies out there that were cheaper, but I am glad to spend a little more for a better job. I would recommend them.”


“Overall, experience was excellent.  From the estimator, who explained every detail and answered my questions, to the two workers who did the foundation, chimney and brick repair, I was very satisfied with all work. Very professional. As two-man crew performed work, I asked for additional work on chimney, which they were able to complete without my getting another estimate.”


“They did an excellent job given what they had to work with. People walking by have complimented on how nice the house looks. They were very careful and seemed very knowledgeable, everything they said made sense. They had some real challenges, one wall had 3 layers of paint and they managed to get it off. They worked hard on it and we are very pleased with their work.”


“They did a fantastic job of cleaning the brick on my house. There was a lot of white staining under the gables and staining in other places, and now it is all the same color, and much brighter. I hired someone else to remove the staining a couple of years ago, and they failed, and I also tried to remove it myself without any success, so I am very pleased with the results. My chimney was also falling apart and they did a great job of rebuilding it. They matched the color of the original mortar perfectly, so you can’t tell where the new mortar starts. They also poured a nice concrete crown, and the chimney looks great. They were friendly, prompt and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them.”



We’ve worked on projects across the entire United States, from government buildings in San Diego to churches in Salt Lake City to the famous Boston Public Library. Wherever you are in need of high-quality historic masonry services, we’ll be there to provide them.


At Abstract Masonry, we are a mission-oriented company that consistently strives for excellence in all aspects of our business. Here are the core tenets that we focus on living up to with our work:

Highest Standards

You don’t stay in business for over 30 years by doing mediocre work. Every building restoration project that we undertake isn’t finished until it meets our ridiculously high standards of quality.

Great Service

It’s important for us to make sure our customers feel like they are getting more than they paid for. We pride ourselves on our communication, transparency, and overall service skills.

Professional Team

Our employees are trained, experienced, and conscientious craftsmen who are consistently held to the highest expectations of masonry restoration.

Creative Solutions

Maintaining and restoring historic masonry oftentimes takes creative thinking. We make sure every project we do stays true to the original design, look, and era of when the building was constructed.


Hidden Threats to Utah’s Masonry: Identification and Solutions

July 8th, 2024|

Utah, with its diverse climate and unique architectural heritage, boasts an impressive array of masonry structures. However, this beautiful and durable building material faces a host of hidden threats that can compromise its structural integrity


Historical buildings are important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s important to remember where we come from and preserve the accomplishments of the past. We consider it our responsibility to preserve, restore, and maintain these monumental structures.

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