Do You Have Masonry In Need of Restoration?

History repeats itself.
Historic masonry does not.
We bridge that gap.

Abstract Masonry is no ordinary masonry company. As a historic masonry restoration company, we’re not in the business of building new masonry buildings. We restore historic masonry, and simply put—we’re really good at it.

Restoring historic masonry requires an advanced understanding of the existing masonry materials used and how best to persuade, heal, and liberate them. Our extensive experience, understanding of masonry material science, and knowledge of historic construction methodologies all work to set us apart from the average.

For over 30 years, the Abstract Masonry Restoration team has successfully completed over 1,600 restoration projects, with many homes and buildings listed on the State and National historic registers. Our vast hands-on experience assures that we’re not merely repairing damage; we genuinely work to restore masonry to its original quality and appearance. Below are some of the key restoration services that we offer…

● Stone replacement
● Custom Stone carving
● Chimney Repair
● Consultations

Abstract has been entrusted with some of the most significant and diverse historic masonry buildings in the country. To illustrate the extent of our experience and expertise, check out some of these projects.

Masonry Consulting

Sometimes our clients don’t just need a contractor to carry out the masonry restoration work. Most of the time, our job begins with an in-depth consultation process that completely educates the client on the current issues & damage in their masonry, and what we believe the best course of action is to restore and protect the structure, moving forward. We provide consultation services for projects we don’t do the actual restoration labor for, as well. This enables our clients
to still use our vast well of knowledge on any job. In these consultations, we answer important questions about mortar recipes, the best products to use, how to create a project budget, diagnosing damage and necessary repairs, utilizing water repellents, and a whole lot more. Read more about our specific consultation services on
the list below…

Paint Stripping

When removing paint from historic structures, it is crucial that it be done in a way that doesn’t
harm the integrity of the masonry materials underneath the paint. Many paint stripping
chemicals can cause erosion and discoloration of the masonry. Our team excels at providing
top-notch paint stripping services that are done with care and precision.

Masonry Cleaning

Cleaning the masonry can dramatically change the look of a historic building. It is one of the
most effective ways to visually improve the look of a structure. Our specialized masonry
cleaning methods help bring out the original color of the masonry. This is especially effective for
buildings in urban environments, which can experience a blackening effect that is caused by
pollution. Because of this fact, masonry cleaning is a process that doesn’t just change the
appearance of these historic structures but reimagines the environmental context in which they

Crack Repair

Although masonry is built to be highly durable, it is susceptible to cracking over time, due to
gravity, usage, moisture, and other elements. Since we work with historic structures, it is
important for us to take the utmost care with our crack repair services. Using the wrong
materials to repair a crack in an old building could lead to future issues with the masonry that is
more damaging to the structure.

Water Repellent

Moisture is usually the thing that does the most damage to historic masonry. Once water
penetrates into the masonry, it can start a freeze/thaw cycle that causes erosion and cracks. In
addition, some water may contain salt that begins to crystallize, causing additional damage. We
are able to apply breathable water repellants that can prevent moisture from penetrating the
masonry while maintaining the integrity of the building.

Chimney Repair

Chimneys, due to their nature and usage, tend to experience more wear-and-tear over time than
other components of masonry in a building. Improperly repaired chimneys are dangerous and
harmful to the environment and the safety of people within the building. This is due to an
increase in the emission of harmful gases and the potential of loose bricks and stones to cause
serious personal and property damage. Our team is experienced at restoring chimneys to their
former glory, improving the aesthetic and safety of a structure.

Fire Restoration

Smoke and fire can cause devastating damage to masonry materials, to the point where it feels
irreversable. However, careful cleaning and repair processes can undo the harm done by
smoke and soot. After that, an appropriate chemical clean and detailing process can restore a
historic structure to its previous coloration and aesthetic. Our team is the A-team when it comes
to this process.

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