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At Abstract Masonry, we have spent over 3 decades cleaning, repairing, preserving, and full-on
restoring a variety of historic and contemporary structures across the country. Due to our wealth
of experience and knowledge, we offer full-service masonry restoration services for a wide
variety of different materials…


Brick Restoration

Brick is a strong and durable material and is capable of lasting for centuries. However, there are
lots of ways that bricks can become damaged and that timeline is cut short. Examples of these
issues are moisture damage due to freeze/thaw cycles, thermal contraction and expansion,
wind erosion, or damage from plant life. Our brick restoration services can turn back the clock
and reduce the effects of this damage, restoring a structure to its prior glory.

Adobe Restoration

Adobe is a type of masonry material that is made from, essentially, sun-dried mud. The actual
word “adobe” means “mudbrick” in Spanish. It is a common type of material that is used in dry,
hot climates, such as the Southwestern United States. Although this material is highly
affordable, it is highly susceptible to corrosion from water and other elements. Our team can
help restore and maintain adobe structures.

Stucco Restoration

Lots of historic structures will have exterior walls that have been covered by stucco masonry.
Stucco is easily moldable and often used to create a variety of different designs, especially on
historic buildings. As buildings settle over time, cracks can start to appear in the stucco.

Continuous exposure to the elements and absorption of moisture can hasten this damage.
Restoring damaged stucco on historic structures takes a high attention to detail to ensure
quality and protection from future harm.

Terracotta Restoration

Terracotta is a lightweight masonry material that is heavily customizable to different spaces, due
to its ability to be easily carved into complex shapes and designs. As a material, terracotta is
highly affordable and easy to work with. Like any other material, it is also prone to deterioration
over time. Common issues with terracotta include chipping, cracks throughout the structure, and
environment-related corrosion. It is best to restore and repair terracotta damage as soon as
possible, in order to prevent future damage that is more costly.

Mortar Restoration

Mortar is a commonly used masonry material, but the specific mortar compound used in a
structure is likely to be different depending on the time and geographic location of its
construction. Earlier compounds of mortar tended to be softer and were considered a type of
masonry material that would be more immune to water damage. While this is true, moisture can
still affect mortar over time.

Historic Concrete Restoration

Concrete has been used as a construction material for over 2500 years, at least. Across the
entire world, nearly every historic structure utilizes concrete as a structural material and design
medium. Today, reinforced concrete is the material that builds cities. However, concrete is also
extremely susceptible to damage by freeze/thaw cycles of moisture, over time. As such, many
structures made of concrete decades ago are in need of serious restoration services.

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