Do You Have Masonry In Need of Restoration?

At Abstract Masonry, we provide expertise in masonry restoration for all kinds of structures, not just homes. Over the years, we’ve worked on everything from libraries to monuments to government buildings and a whole lot more. Our master craftsmen have years of experience in dealing with the restoration of historic masonry, which requires a greater degree of skill and care.

What Do We Do for These Structures?

Our team is highly trained in every aspect of masonry restoration. Through the years we’ve seen about everything in this business. Here are the key services that we provide for special projects:


Every job begins with a thorough consultation that addresses the current state of the structure, including existing damages and potential spots for future damage. We provide consultation services both for jobs that we provide labor for and ones that we don’t.

Masonry Cleaning

Cleaning old masonry has a profound impact on the overall aesthetic of the structure, but it must be done in a way that protects the integrity of the masonry material.

Crack Repair

Historic structures will naturally develop cracks in the masonry, due to time, moisture, and gravity. Repairing these cracks in a way that preserves structural integrity and the aesthetic of the material is one of our fortes.

Water Repellents

We specialize in an array of sealants that protect old masonry from moisture and damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles. These repellents are breathable and maintain the aesthetic of the masonry.

Paint Stripping

Common paint stripping chemicals can cause erosion and damage historic masonry. Our team removes paint using safe and strategic methods.

Fire Restoration

Chemical cleaning processes and post-cleaning detailing can restore masonry materials that have been harmed by fire and smoke damage.

Contact Us For Assistance

Please send us a message if you have any questions about our masonry services or if you need help with a historic building restoration.