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Lime Concrete RestorationLime Concrete Restoration

Historic Lime Concrete Restoration

historic SLC building waiting for paint strippingafter paint stripping on historic Salt Lake City building

Paint Removal

historic SLC building preparing for paint strippingpaint stripping and masonry restoration on historic SLC building

Paint Removal

before paint removalafter paint removal

Paint Removal

Historic Adobe RestorationHistoric Adobe Restoration

Historic Adobe Restoration

chipped terra cotta sidingafter terra cotta restoration

Terra Cotta Restoration

chippa terra cotta sidingrepaired terra cotta

Terra Cotta Restoration

before brick cleaningafter brick cleaning

Historic Brick Cleaning

before paint removalafter paint removal on red brick home

Paint Removal

before paint removal on historic home-painted whitewhite paint removed from red brick historic home

Paint Removal

Historic Masonry Projects Gallery

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