Do You Have Masonry In Need of Restoration?

Refuge for the Past

Since our establishment nearly 40 years ago, we have been driven by our charge to restore and maintain the many beautiful and historic masonry that forms the identity of our state. Measured against the backdrop of other states, which saw them founded under a multitude of circumstances, Utah stands ahead of a small group as being a refuge for a tried and hopeful people. These pioneers, our ancestors, created an oasis in the desert where they and their progeny could grow up and live their simple, honest lives without oppression. The homes, tabernacles, temples, and civic halls they built throughout the 19th and 20th centuries reflected that inner conviction and remain the bones of the society we’ve created here at the Crossroads of the West.

While we levy our skills towards building restoration one project at a time, the people at Preservation Utah, with whom we’ve partnered, manage the whole picture. We are excited by the chance to work with them to further their goal to “keep the past alive, not only for preservation but to inspire and provoke a more creative present and sustainable future.”

The Mission of Preservation Utah

The restoration of Salt Lake City and other smaller pioneer cities across Utah is a worthwhile, albeit difficult, proposition. Not only are professional teams needed — ones with experience in preserving historic masonry — but there is also the problem of getting the right tools for the project, securing substantial grants or loans for financing, and gaining the support of municipal organizations that will register and protect the building going forward. Preservation Utah helps mobilize these resources for the owners of pioneer buildings and provides ways for the historically conscientious to lend their aid in the restoration of these priceless artifacts. 

In an effort to support the work that Preservation Utah is doing as well as publicizing its mission, Abstract Masonry has partnered with them as a sponsor to ensure that more of our proud heritage is preserved well into the future. This entails not only offering financial support directly, but in the past, we have matched donations as well.

Tackling Building Restoration Together

We are happy to have another ally in the fight to preserve Utah’s historic past and look forward to consulting with them on how and where to keep the pioneer spirit alive. For those who are interested in the world that we do, check out our portfolio to see the work we’ve done in the past. Otherwise, we encourage everyone to keep an eye on Preservation Utah for a list of upcoming special events, educational programs, and service opportunities. You can find those here