Which Masonry Materials Require the Least Care

Having a low-maintenance home and yard is a dream for many renters and homeowners. When it comes to your home’s exterior, vinyl may be the lowest-maintenance material. But what about different stones or bricks? What’s Considered Masonry Materials When it comes to masonry, the most common building materials for buildings and walls include: Adobe Brick

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How Historic Masonry Features Impact a Home’s Value

Did you know that brick homes tend to have higher appreciation rates than the competition? Since 2017, brick homes have often appraised 6% higher than homes with other exterior finishes. Thanks to being a low-maintenance and long-lasting building material, homebuyers often seek out homes with brick exteriors vs others, such as wood siding. While it

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What To Know About Repointing Old Brick

In masonry buildings, repointing is the process of resurfacing the point, which is the exterior component of mortar joints that has to be replaced. Weathering and decay generate cavities in the joints between masonry components, which are often bricks, over time, enabling water to enter and cause damage to the structure. It is possible that

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Main Causes of Stone Deterioration in Masonry

Some of the oldest buildings built by humans are still standing today. Despite the region, local climate and even differences in culture of the people that built them, they were all constructed using the same base material: Stone As A Building Material  Stone offers some wonderful properties, the stone is; Abundant Fireproof Weather-resistant Long-lasting Low

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How to Preserve Historic Masonry on Your Home

The history of any building is inseparable from its structure. It is more obvious in historic masonry that it can serve generations and transcend centuries without losing its identity when properly preserved. Unfortunately, preserving historic masonry is a delicate and often tedious process that requires a lot of thought and time-consuming work. Doing any less

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Bringing Brick Back: Incorporating It Into Your Home

A Wonderful Tradition Among all the building materials used both in ancient times and today, perhaps none more than brick exudes the sort of quaintness that makes people stop and take notice. It is for this reason that brick veneer has been such a popular choice for everything from law offices to city halls —

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Looking Back and Looking Forward: Masonry Then vs. Now

Stories Etched in Stone One of the great things about masonry is that the building technique has been around for millennia and every stone whispers tales of the past. Whether you’re uncovering signs of how your direct ancestors built their houses of worship, like the teams working on the restoration of the historic Salt Lake

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Becoming a Masonry Restoration Expert

Picking Up Broken Pieces Building restoration is a precise business — some may even consider it an art. You should understand not only the physical nature of the structure you’re fixing but you must also have a respect for its spirit and the work of previous builders. The work of Abstract Masonry, Utah’s premier restoration

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Restoring Historic Concrete

We’re all familiar with the childhood game to avoid cracks in the cement or we’ll break mama’s back. As we get older, however, and wake up to the historical nature of our town’s buildings and yards, it’s not the threat of inadvertent spinal trauma to our guardians that has us scrambling to repair cracks in

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