How often do you drive by a beautifully traditional or historic building—or a classic home in an older neighborhood or city center—and admire the intricate brick masonry work? Whatever the building may be, there is a gravitas and grandeur to beautiful brick masonry, even as the material itself is rugged and long-lasting. Not only are properly laid bricks timeless in appearance, but brick absorbs humidity more efficiently than other lesser materials, as well as minimizing the chances of common household annoyances, like mold and mildew. Because of this, homes made entirely of brick may be more costly due to their added value, which might also push them out of your current home-buying budget. 

The Beneficial Beauty of Brick

However, homes built of other materials can still benefit from incorporating brick masonry structures—like retaining walls, brick walkways, and other landscaping details—and offer a high-quality, eye-popping, value-adding brick structure to the property. A similar structure accenting your own home is probably a point of pride—but, if it’s an older structure, it’s also possible that it’s fallen into disrepair. Who can you count on to restore and maintain your masonry? Read on for some tips on what to look for in a masonry contractor that specializes in restoration.

A Unique Set of Skills

Certified specialists in masonry restoration are contractors trained to maintain, repair, and restore existing structures. Common work includes “repointing,” or replacing the underlying mortar, rebuilding sections, fixing cracks, and replacing any pieces that are no longer functional. It takes the dedication of an expert craftsman to make sure the job is done right; grit, determination, and an appreciation for the art of masonry are all essentials to look for in a masonry contractor.

The Right Match 

Although your brick masonry structures were built to last and withstand the elements, their joints must be maintained in order to repel any moisture damage. The brick itself might age for a century without needing any replacements, but the mortar joints holding the structure together might show signs of wear after as little as twenty years. As you research and vet the options available for masonry restoration companies, make sure that the contractors you interview take great pride and pleasure in their work, and that you both have similar goals for the final look of your repaired brick structure:

  1. Communicative: work with experts who’ll take the time to explain their evaluations of your structures—and the subsequent solutions—with you.
  2. Experts that can thoroughly evaluate the structure for any damaged mortar joints that need to be renewed.
  3. Experts who can Implement tuckpointing in order to seamlessly match joints while saving you money.
  4. Experts that can recognize joints that may have been corroded by seeping water damage. 
  5. Experts who can repoint those mortar joints to prevent new damage in the future, making repairs that will last.
  6. Transparent and fair: work with experts who’ll make their expectations about a project—and its cost—clear to you.

Plan for the Future

A masonry restoration expert can revitalize your structure’s exterior, leaving you with an aesthetically pleasing work of craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. While some masonry contractors may be able to do an adequate enough job, they may not have the skill set or experience to deliver long-lasting, detailed work on a historic structure. If you are in the market for high-quality masonry restoration, administered by passionate experts in the field, call Abstract Masonry Restoration for a quote today.