How Much Does It Cost to Restore a Historic Chimney?

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A chimney, often considered the crown of a home, serves a critical purpose beyond its aesthetic charm. As a conduit for smoke and gases from fireplaces or stoves, it plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and comfortable home environment. Chimneys, particularly those in historic homes, are often built from masonry materials like bricks

Masonry Care Tips for Your Home’s Chimney

By |2022-08-16T20:14:32+00:00August 8th, 2022|Chimneys|

There’s nothing like the sound and scent of a crackling fire, flickering away in your home’s fireplace. As the hearth is the center—the heartbeat—of your home, a wood fire can offer you and your family warmth and comfort during the long winter months. Even now, during this trying time, something as simple as the hope

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