Do You Have a Restoration Project We Can Help With?

When it comes to your home, we at Abstract Masonry Restoration believe that you deserve only the best in masonry repair. We take the time it takes to do the job right, restoring your home’s masonry structures to their fullest potential, while also striving to exceed your every expectation in regards to customer service. Is your residential property in need of repair? Below are the services we can provide you.

What Can We Do for Your Residence?

Our team is highly trained in every aspect of masonry restoration. Through the years we’ve seen about everything in historical and modern homes. Here are the key services that we provide for residential projects:


Whether you’re storyboarding the big picture of your next home project—or you’ve run into a snag in your best-laid plans on your current one—Abstract Masonry Restoration can offer you a masonry consultant that can take your masonry to the next level. Our experts can help you develop future designs, or help you assess a current project. Let an Abstract consultant help you make you take the right steps forward no matter where you are in your structure’s development.

Masonry Cleaning

A professional masonry cleaning can have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic of your structures—but the masonry expert must take care to assure that the cleaning method itself does not damage the brick. The mason must clean the exposed masonry surfaces of stains, efflorescence, mortar or grout droppings, and clear the surface of any other debris. By using the most effective cleaning solutions and methods possible, our passionate team can have your brick structures looking every bit as beautiful as the day they were constructed.

Crack Repair

Over the course of the innumerable historic structures that we’ve restored since our Abstract’s inception, we’ve learned exactly how to best repair the cracks in the masonry that develop naturally over time. We repair these cracks—whether they’re due to time, water incursion, gravity, or significant distress—in a way that both preserves your home’s structural integrity as well as the aesthetic of the material.

Water Repellents

Water incursion poses the greatest threat to your home’s masonry structures. Here at Abstract, we specialize in an array of sealants to protect your home’s masonry from moisture. Although the damage caused by Utah’s severe freeze and thaw cycles can be severe, our experts can repair it, and apply breathable sealants that maintain the aesthetic of the masonry while preventing further damage.

Paint Stripping

Although most common paint stripping chemicals can cause erosion and damage to your home’s masonry, the experts at Abstract Masonry Restoration will remove paint using safe and strategic methods. We meet your project’s needs, and take the time to keep the integrity of your wall’s aesthetic.

Fire Restoration

Chemical cleaning processes and post-cleaning detailing can restore masonry materials that have been harmed by fire and smoke damage.

Chimney repair

There’s a reason that the hearth—the center of a roaring, crackling fireplace—is synonymous with the heart of your home. More than just a symbol of the warmth and comfort found within its walls, your fireplace is also its provider. If your chimney is in need of restoration and repair, our experts have the skills to bring your chimney back to working order—and keep it that way—for years to come.

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