Picking Up Broken Pieces

Building restoration is a precise business — some may even consider it an art. You should understand not only the physical nature of the structure you’re fixing but you must also have a respect for its spirit and the work of previous builders. The work of Abstract Masonry, Utah’s premier restoration experts, repairs a wide variety of problems, such as:

  • Weathering and erosion damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Struck by a large object
  • Biological growth

The skills needed to assess the damage, prescribe fixes, carry out repairs, monitor the restoration progress, manage the project, and complete a project that will stand for decades and centuries more, are all valued by Abstract Masonry and our clientele.

A Perfect Career Candidate

For those who are interested in a career with Abstract Masonry, restoring old buildings, it is important to know the blend of qualities that a competent stonemason, restoration technician, or project manager must have. 

To put it succinctly, when looking at potential future colleagues, we are interested in two things:

  • Who they are
  • What they know

The order of these qualities is deliberate — we can take the experience that you already have and supplement your skills with training so that you can do the work at the level we expect. We can’t, however, train someone to be trustworthy.

Who You Are

Trustworthiness entails a lot. It’s trust in your work ethic and in your enthusiasm, as much as in your experience and skill. When it comes to the culture of working for Abstract Masonry, we are guided by our mission statement, which says in part:

“Our mission is that…all who work for our company find it financially rewarding and experience a constant feeling of individual and company pride.

This is accomplished by all of us working safely, in unity, with integrity, and with a hunger for excellence.”

Our expert team knows the definition of an excellent job and respects the emotions our clients may have tied in up the buildings we restore. They also value the safety of themselves and their coworkers above all. When our customers hire Abstract Masonry, either for restoration in Salt Lake City or our Eastern headquarters in Boston, they know our professionalism doesn’t stop at the scaffolding.

What You Know

Of course, expertise and experience aren’t something that is taught as much as they are paid for — paid for with time and effort over the course of years. There are some immutable qualities we require in our employees, with regards to worksite competency:

  • You must be a good driver. Allowances are given for a recorded maximum of 1 violation on your record.
  • You must not be afraid of heights.
  • You must be drug and alcohol-free at all times in the workplace and will be submitted to random drug tests.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

With regards to your work experience, we don’t require extensive knowledge of all the materials that we work with or a vast portfolio of prior building credits. Instead, we value a quick study, who is teachable, and unafraid of learning new things. If you wish to become one of the elite few who can be trusted with restoring historic masonry — an expert — then contact us for employment opportunities.