Hire an expert in masonry, and you will help your fellow humans in a number of ways! Here’s how preserving the construction crafts of your ancestors can uplift the pride, wealth, safety, and environmental health of your community:

More Pride: Preserve Valuable Heritage 

Masonry is a dying art, and if the buildings crafted using its methods aren’t restored, pieces of history will die along with them. To maintain the pride in your community, it is important to honor where you came from and portray that through taking care of what your ancestors built, literally and figuratively, and showing it off to the world!

A great example of an organization that strives for maintaining their local pride through preservation and supporting masons along the way is Preservation Utah. They describe their aims beautifully, which are to: “keep the past alive, not only for preservation but to inspire and provoke a more creative present and sustainable future.”

Support for local masons is essential for keeping community heritage intact! These arts were passed down through generations and literally built your community from the ground up. With tech industries taking over the world, it is best to not let them overtake more hand-on crafts, lest you look back in regret at the loss of precious pieces of history!

More Wealth: Energy and Material Efficiency

Using local masonry in construction projects sets off a ripple of wealth throughout the community. By the time a project is finished, four to ten times more construction dollars will have circulated throughout the area instead of being directed elsewhere. Not only will the community be more wealthy in this regard, but restoring masonry also raises property value!

Along the way, fewer materials will need to be purchased, saving local businesses and homeowners money as well. Masonry materials serve a multitude of functions, eliminating the need for a frame, additional fire-resistant structures, and interior finish surfaces. Hiring a local mason will ensure you get the most out of your materials while supporting your local economy!

Once your masonry construction or restoration project is completed, you will reap unparalleled energy efficiency, saving even more money while also saving the planet! Stone, brick, adobe, stucco, and terracotta are temperature-regulating virtuosos, and they allow for the opportunity for a total thermal break. As far as human energy, these mighty materials will keep out sounds, allowing you to sleep sound so you can wake up more revitalized than ever!

Less Danger: Restore Safety and Stay Durable

Masons build fast and build to last! With these mediums and methods, projects can be completed as quickly as possible, with exceptionally durable results. After their swift construction, masonry structures hold a strong resistance to fire and mold and stay strong for a long time—and even longer if they see periodic restoration!

To maintain the soundness of these structures and uphold their safety, it is important to keep up on restoration regularly. Smaller maintenance projects, done more often, are the best way to go—although, a skilled mason can tackle even the ‘decrepit’ of domiciles. Crumbling masonry can pose a threat to those near it, but restoring it virtually eliminates any risk!

Less Waste: Reuse and Recycle by Restoring

Repairing old structures instead of creating new ones is of significant help to our environment! New construction can increase the pollution let off into our atmosphere, as well as lead to toxic runoff and wasted materials. Renovating and restoring what already stands, on the other hand, will help to eliminate negative environmental effects.

Construction companies that harness this handiwork decrease their harm to our home planet. If demolishing becomes a necessity, materials used in the previous masonry can easily be recycled to rebuild. Utilizing these resources keeps pieces of history within the community and helps to prolong the history of humanity!

Masonry is both beautiful and beneficial—Build your community by employing local masons to construct and restore your buildings!