The rich history of Salt Lake City and its surrounding area still stands all around us in the form of historic masonry. These beautiful buildings bring unique character to our state, saluting the heritage that brought us to where we are today while accenting the modern age with a touch of brick and mortar. 

It is an art and a science to preserve these pieces of our proud heritage, requiring skilled masons and passionate community members. Help Utah sustain its age-old beauty in the face of new development with these easy preservation practices:

Residents of Historic Buildings:

Utahns living in relics of our past, listen up— Charming historic homes made with materials such as concrete, stone, adobe, terracotta, brick, and mortar, won’t survive forever without a little TLC from their lucky residents:


  • Refrain From Painting

No matter how much you want to add a gorgeous mural to accent the personality of your vestige, you should refrain from painting historic materials. Adding layers of paint to unpainted masonry can trap moisture inside, eventually deteriorating it from the inside out.

  • Maintain Your Chimney

For environmental and safety reasons, it is important to maintain chimneys within historic buildings. If yours has started to deteriorate, never fear— Abstract Masonry can get it back up and running, restoring it to its former function and aesthetic.

  • Repair Cracks & Restore Materials

If part of your historic home cracks, call up a professional to diagnose its cause and fix it up ASAP. This will prevent further structural damage and keep your slice of antique character from deteriorating as you continue to decorate it with a contemporary edge.

Citizens of Salt Lake City:

Whether you are a city-slicking cyclist or an avid visitor, your knowledge and treatment of Salt Lake City’s veteran structures can alter their chances of survival. If you are moved by their majesty, do your part to preserve them:

  • Keep Our Buildings Clean

Graffiti, animal waste, and smoke are very damaging to historic materials. If you want to take inspiration from our city’s relics for years to come, mindfully control your pets’ potty breaks, refrain from smoking near them, and never paint a masterpiece without approval.

  • Donate To Preservation Utah

A historic preservation organization that aims to keep the past alive, not only for preservation but to inspire and provoke a more creative present and sustainable future, Preservation Utah does everything it can to keep our history intact. Donate to them today!

  • Get Educated About Our Heritage

Educating yourself about Salt Lake City’s past and the practices that help to preserve it is like planting a seed— As your perspective shifts, you will begin to influence those around you, encouraging more of the community to get involved in SLC masonry TLC.

It takes a community-wide effort to preserve Salt Lake City’s rich heritage and the historical buildings that still exhibit its bounty. Don’t let the foundation of our state disappear against the backdrop of modern construction— Take a stand for Utah and start supporting its preservation through these mindful practices today!