Following the March 18, 2020 earthquake that shook Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, Abstract sincerely wishes the best for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

In cooperation with structural engineers and other professionals, we have aggressively advocated how best to prepare and stabilize residential and commercial masonry to withstand a significant seismic event. For over 3 decades, Abstract has laser focused our expertise on repairing and preserving any masonry (brick, stone, block, terra cotta, adobe, stucco, and concrete) – with an even higher focus on historic masonry. We have repaired and restored thousands of damaged masonry buildings and are fully equipped with the specialty tools, equipment, and materials to take care of any damage your building has experienced.

To identify risks to life and safety, it is important to thoroughly inspect your masonry. Pay special attention to your chimney, parapet wall (wall that extends upward from the roof line), and cracked masonry. Carefully look for cracks in both your foundation and walls. Photograph and document everything. We work closely with insurance adjusters, experienced structural engineers and other professionals to assess the extent of damage and make recommendations on how best to repair damage.

In times like these, rest assured there will be no price gouging – in fact you can expect extraordinary compassion and fairness. That’s who we are.

If we can help you or others who have sustained damage to their properties, please give us a call. Our company is headquartered only a couple of miles from downtown Salt Lake City, and we look forward to serving our neighbors.

Kevin Hadfield
President & CEO